Cavaliers Iman Shumpert and Fiancé Teyana Taylor Make Beautiful Music Together in New Video “Promise”.

If I’m being honesty, I have to admit that initially, because I am an Elle Varner fan, I wanted to throw a little shade at Teyana and Iman’s  relationship. But then I had to check myself, like who  the hell am I to judge. And also being Teyana and Iman looked super cute and genuinely in love on social media! So I became a fan. I loved their chemistry on IG, but had NO CLUE they could make beautiful music together!

In the seven minute production “Promise”, the couple shares some intimate moments with their audience.  Iman via lyrics such as  “I wanna marry your smile/I wanna spoil your style/I wanna sleep with your dreams/and the father the child. And Teyana as she bares your pregnant nude silhouette to the world. The future Shumperts’ ended the video with a snippet of Iman’s proposal at a recent baby shower for the couple.

I really am feeling this video. Check it out below!!!

“Promsied” Iman Shumpert Ft Teyana Taylor




Why Shouldn’t We Be Praying For Paris?!?!?!

As I wake up this morning, praising God for another day. My heart is heavy with the events which took place last night in Paris. With more breaking news swarming in, we are now told that ISIS claims responsibility of the terrorist attacks which killed over 120 people in Paris France. As I’m scrolling through my Face Book timeline, I see many people standing in solidarity with #PrayForParis post. As I continue to scroll, I come across a pic “Tell me why you Praying For Paris”. At first glance I think, ‘what a  cool way to have people vent their reasons or feelings about the horrific events’. But as I continue to read the post and comments, I notice this was not this person’s intent at all.

Let me be clear, I acknowledge everyone’s different opinion, even if I don’t agree with them.

Some Black and Whites have turned this situation in Paris into a race, and cultural debate. For some Blacks, a question as been raised, “Why should WE be praying for Paris”. In some Black’s mind it can be argued that we are NOT valued in America, so why should we Pray for Paris. For some Blacks I’m sure the thought pattern is that we need to continue to pray for our own lives here in America.

Some Whites have used this horrific act of terrorism in Paris, as a scapegoat of reasons why Blacks should “stop complaining” and be lucky we live in America. For some White American’s, the protests and stance of solidarity on different college campus throughout America in result to #Mizzou students protest should end because the Paris Attacks teaches a “lesson of what real oppression and hatred is”.

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ARE WE REALLY SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!?!?! I could have ignored these post and conversations but I can’t. Why is it that we as a human race can’t look past race and simply have compassion for other humans.

Here are the facts: No matter race, religion, or nationality, over 100 innocent people lost their lives last night. Over 100 people are dead because of a group of persons who felt their reasons of action were justified. Why must we feel the need to compare Black vs White race issues to this horrid event. Why do some Blacks feel that we should not have compassion for others because of the struggles we as African-Americans face in America every day. On the flip side, how can some Whites use this horrible act of terrorism to remind black people of “how lucky we are to be here,” as if we are not being terrorized here on American soil.

Wake up people!!!! Hell yes as a Black American woman, I am upset about the blatant acts of Racism we have been forced to endure in America. As A Black woman I will continue to scream, protest, and take actions which i believe will help in the  #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement, until I believe that OUR lives really matter not only to White America but in our own communities as well. As a HUMAN BEING, I will continue to have compassion and hope in humanity as well!!! At what point will we stop pointing the finger at each other and make THE DEEP ROOTED changes we need to make so we no longer have to worry about TERRORISTIC AND RACIAL ACTS PERIOD!!! In the mean time, I will continue to PRAY!


In A World Where Stripper Fingers Turn To Twitter Fingers, “Zola” Is A Good Read. Unfortunately for ‘Z’ Who Gets Sentenced To The DEATH PENALTY.




If your timelines or news feds are anything like mine, over the past few weeks I’m sure you kept seeing this “Zola” person. If you are anything like me, I’m also sure the first thing you thought was who the hell is Zola and why do I need to read these tweets?! Well Zola did not disappoint. Here’s what I know to be true, no matter how educated, bougie or “cultured” you are, everyone likes just a little messy in their life. Usually not actually living and/or involved in a messy life, but a good READ, a bit of shade, and a whole lot of tea sipping while being subjected to others drama never hurt. And let’s be all the way real, sometimes hard to look away.

Earlier this week, one of my favorite writers and fellow #AwkwardBlackGirl Issa Rae reposted a Washington Post story entitled ‘The true story behind ‘Zola,’ the epic Twitter story, too crazy to be true.’. This is when I decide to take some time and read this damn thing. And “OH MY GOD” was it EVERYTHING. With just the right amount of Ratchet, Drama, and Suspense, Aziah King (who is Zola) keep me glued to her twitter fed like I was reading a NY Times Best Seller. 

Long story short, ‘Zola’ takes her audience along on a crazy weekend trip. Full of Stripper Shenanigans and #Hoeism. Zola encounters with a woman she barely knows, the woman’s boyfriend, and the woman’s pimp. Yes PIMP. At times while reading Zola’s tweets, I’m thinking to myself, “This HAS to be fiction. Whoever this publicist is, is brilliant. Simply have Zola portray that this is a ‘true story’, tweet some exerts from a book she has written in attempt to gain some buzz. And BAM sales through the roof.” But wait, come to find out, although some parts like any great autobiography maybe fabricated, THIS WAS ACTUALLY A TRUE STORY.  

I’m more than sure that Zola (King) has been subjected to much scrutiny and-criticism. But if we are really being honest, ‘Zola’s twitter rant was a great read. Celebrity’s have chimed in as well. Erykah Badu, Solange, and Missy Elliott have all been swept up in this story. Like any TRUE hustler, I’m sure MS. Zola (Aziah King) will figure out a way to capitalize on her newfound fame. Hoes Do Be Winning, and I’m rooting for this young lady. 

Unfortunately, while Zola is out here gaining some popularity, bad news broke last night that Ammar Harris (“Z” as Zola describes), was sentenced to the death penalty… Ish just got super real! Watch video of verdict below.