Cavaliers Iman Shumpert and Fiancé Teyana Taylor Make Beautiful Music Together in New Video “Promise”.

If I’m being honesty, I have to admit that initially, because I am an Elle Varner fan, I wanted to throw a little shade at Teyana and Iman’s  relationship. But then I had to check myself, like who  the hell am I to judge. And also being Teyana and Iman looked super cute and genuinely in love on social media! So I became a fan. I loved their chemistry on IG, but had NO CLUE they could make beautiful music together!

In the seven minute production “Promise”, the couple shares some intimate moments with their audience.  Iman via lyrics such as  “I wanna marry your smile/I wanna spoil your style/I wanna sleep with your dreams/and the father the child. And Teyana as she bares your pregnant nude silhouette to the world. The future Shumperts’ ended the video with a snippet of Iman’s proposal at a recent baby shower for the couple.

I really am feeling this video. Check it out below!!!

“Promsied” Iman Shumpert Ft Teyana Taylor




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