Lil Durk And Dej Loaf Channel Their Inner Q & Monica In New Video

I have definitely been slipping these last few weeks! Def Loaf done copped herself a boo, Lil Durk. They appear together in his new video entitled, My Beyonce. The video was realsed back on January 11 (damn how could I have missed this!). I was just on iTunes looking for some new music, and I stopped by Dej Loaf’s page. Look down and see a video that looks like one of my FAVORITE movies of ALL-TIME Love & Basketball. So OF COURSE I click to watch. OMG, this is the cutest videos I’ve seen in a long time! I may be over reacting a little because of how much I love Love & Basketball. But seriously this was done well. The couple, producer, and director did such a good job on this one. The video pretty much sticks to a few key scenes from the movie, I love how detailed the video is. Over all really cute video, check it out below. ✌🏾



Not For the Weak Stomached or Minded 💪🏾

I’m way too hard on myself. I am my toughest critic! I’m sure many people can say this about themselves. But I’m like really REALLY hard on myself. I expect greatness at all times! I know my strengths and how far I can push myself to achieve greatness. I’m an athlete so this is second nature to me. I’m on a new path in life, and I’m actively making some conscious decisions to change to live a healthier lifestyle. And one of my choices happened this morning.

I called out of work today. For some, this isn’t anything special. People call out of work all they time. I legitimately don’t feel well. It’s not the flu nor a head cold. I’m not dying and I can walk, so why did I call out today? My f’ing PERIOD! Damn my bad, that was kinda rude to just hit y’all with it like that! So let me give you a headsup, this will be a blog about my body, my menstrual period, and other feminine issues. If you ain’t about that life, I understand if you tap out now!

Now what was I saying again?! Oh yeah, I called out from work today because of my period. Now before the judgemental side eyes start, let me go back and explain somethings. I didn’t get my period until the summer going into my freshman year of high school, I was 13. For the most part, my periods have never really bothered me physically. I’ve ALWAYS bled REALLY heavy, but I figured out how to layer up and change out every 30-40 minutes. I understand now that this may not be common, but I’ve been dealing with my cycle for the past 19 yrs so I’ve figured out some life hacks. But for the most part I don’t have any crazy stories about having to miss school because of cramps or any other menstrual symptoms.

Growing up, I was extremely active in sports. As a teen my doctor once told me this was the reason I didn’t have bad symptoms. I didn’t fully understand it, but would thank God that I didn’t have bad cramps! In school I knew some girls that were out of school every month because of their cycles. In my younger, super naive and judgemental mind I would call these girls weak! I didn’t understand their pain. For the most part I just bleed way too heavy which only granted me some me pretty embarrassing moments. But for the most part, outside of the bleeding and occasional mood swings, I was good. Because my period never hit me that hard, there have been times in my past, I’ve been extremely desensitized to what women actually go through…. Until now!

I will never forgot the change. It was a late Spring night. A group of us were packed in my ball sister Frenchie’s car headed to play open gym. Sidebar: We used to have some EPIC battles at Rahway Open Gym, I digress. Somehow we start comparing “Period” stories. My naive ass was in awe of the stories my basketball sisters were telling! I had never experienced any of this growing up. I would often call girls who complained about their periods WEAK! Shame on me. I remember Frenchie saying “Just wait until 25”. I was 24 at the time, and didn’t believe the hype. But oh hunnie, when 25 hit, my body definitely decided against my will to shift!

It seemed as if I started bleeding even heavier and all of a sudden I started having crazy painful Cycle Symptoms! Extrem fatigue, back pains, bad cramps, dizzy spells, the works! I tired for the first two months, to woman up and take it like it was. But bye! I couldn’t take it anymore, plus I had full Heath insurance so I went to my OBGYN. Of course her reason was because I wasn’t as physically active any longer, my body was changing. She said some other things but ultimately she convinced me to go on birth control. We decided the Ring would be the best way for me to go. At first the ring was cool, my flow was light for the first time in my life! I had gone from five heavy days to only three! I’m on a high again, I had mastered the period game once again, back on my grind.

Fast forward a few yrs to this morning. No longer on birth control, laying in my bed in bloody pain, calling out of work. How the hell did I get here again? I thought I’d figured this thing out. How am I this weak, to call out of work because of a period? As I’m disappointedly asking myself all these questions, I check myself! ‘Jada Girl Bye, you are human. It’s ok’ I tell myself. This is life, this is the moment I am currently faced with. I have two choices at this point. I could try and be Super Woman again today, push my body passed this pain, pop MORE pain killers. Go to work and unproductively get all my cases done or I could take a day.

As you already know, I choose the latter. So as I’m soaking in my jacuzzi tub, with a hot cup of tea after placing my soiled sheets and pjs in the washing machine, I breathe. This is not the end of my word, I am not a WEAK woman who can’t handle a “simple period”. I am a conscious woman who now understands that I must respect my body in order to maintain a healthy mind, spirit and lifestyle! As long as I’ve grown and learned from this experience, I have overcome a huge mental battle. Im good, I will live to fight another day!

Mr.West is FINALLY Back in the Building!🙌🏾

Kanye West has FINALLY graced us with his lyrical presence! Recently Mr. West took to his SoundCloud page to drop new music. Truth be told, I’d received many notifications of Mr. West’s ‘No More Parties in LA’ song. However, I was unbothered. My opinion, Kanye hasn’t lived up to his full lyrical potential the past few. So when getting all these text, emails, and notifications of his new song, I wasn’t in a hurry to listen.

One day earlier this week, as I’m sitting at a red light, I receive a Twitter notification from Power 105.1 Breakfast Club host Charlemagne Tha God, in which he gave praise to the track. As I sit in my car, making a conscious decision to give the track an honest and open listen, I’m AMAZED. Kendrick Lamar’s feature on this song is indeed “SCARY” as Kanye states after Lamar’s bars. Kendrick is consistently flexing his lyrical muscle in the game right now! Proving himself to be one of the best right now and a BEAST at what he does. After Kendrick’s verse, I am on a musical high and now wishfully hoping Kanye brings it on his own track! MR. West DID NOT disappoint this time!

I haven’t felt this good about a Kanye track in a LONG time. While listening I began to ask myself why in the hell had I deprived myself of this for this long. As on cue, Ye spits #FACTS, “I know some fans who thought I wouldn’t rap like this again. But the Writer’s block is over!”. Thank God for Ye. Although, I wished Ye would stop taking shots at Amber  Rose, I loved his verse on this track! Check out track here. Enjoy ✌🏾



I’d Carpool Karaoke with ADELE Any Day !

Adele has been my BFF in my head, since my Fordham U teammate Jade Leitao put me on to her a few years back. I will never forget that spring day, at the Women’s NCAA Final Four in Indiana. At lunch watching Rolling in the Deep video with my sis, literally changed my life (thanks sis).  Sorry die hard Adele fans, I joined the bandwagon a tad bit late, but my love for the woman is sincere! Coming off a some great numbers with her third studio album 25, Adele can do absolutely no wrong right now. And she has proven once again that she deserves to be permanent BFF.

While home in London for holidays, Adele linked up with The Late Late Show host James Corden, for one of the BEST Carpool Karaoke‘s to date. Adele looked flawless. Face beat to the gods, in her sleek black coat and cute Bob cut (cut so cute James had to compliment her on it). After some small chit chat, the Carpool Karaoke commenced and boy did Adele SLAY!

I don’t care if you are a fan of Adele’s or not, but when this woman opens her mouth to sing, you HAVE TO RESPECT HER. During the ride along, I was shocked to learn that Adele  herself was the actual person playing the drums on her smash hit ‘Hello‘. James surprised Adele with his pipe game (pause) during this duet. After chugging a cup of tea LIKE A BOSS, Adele  goes on to explains her holiday tipsy shenanigans and her kind heartedness.

Two of my favorite moments of this video: Adele paying homage to one of the GREATEST  girl groups EVER, The Spice Girls (yes it’s THAT serious for me). Number two, when the Queen BEAST the Nicki Minaj verse of ‘Monster’. Both Geri and Nicki responded to Adele’s Carpool Magic.

CLEARLY Adele is BFF BAE. Our common love for the Spice Girls and Nicki Minaj’s Monster verse just solidify this truth for me. Check out full video here! Well worth the watch.









Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Earlier this week, Forbes released their annual 30 under 30 list. Said to be list of America’s top movers and shakers under 30 in categories. From Sports, Music, Business, Technology, Media, these young people are out here doing the damn thing! The list consist of 600 men and women at the top of their game, and I definitely am super excited to see a few names!

Sports: Stephen Curry 27, Mo’ne Davis 14, Allie LaForce 27 (Reporter CBSSports) Katie Ledecky 18 (Swimming), Damian Lilliard 25, Cam Newton 26, Russell Westbrook 27, Russell Wilson 27

Retail & Ecommerce: Kelechi Anyadiegwu 26 (Zuvaa). I love this clothing line.

Music Kehlani 20, Pentatonix, Demi Lovato 23, School Boy Q 29, Nick Jonas  23,  Fetty Wap 24, The Weekend 25

Media: Blavity, Kimberly Foster 26 For Harriet (Yep that’s one of my articles which is featured on For Harriet, shameless plug), Hben Nigatu 24 Sr. Editor (BuzzFeed), Angelica Nwandu 25 (The ShadeRoom)

Media & Marketing: Chloe King 28 (PR and Social Media Manager Bergdorf Goodman).


These are just a few of my favorites, but check out full list here:

 Forbes, 30 Under 30 

Keshia Knight Pulliam Announces Engagement

Clearly I am not the only one who did a little happy dance for fellow Brick City native and Jersey Girl Keshia Knight Pulliam (Rudy Huxtable), upon her engagement announcement New Years Day. Ms. Pulliam took to her Instagram page to make the announcement, and has since been trending on all social media sites for the past few days. I, for one was happy for the former Cosby Show star, but completely shocked at who put the ring on her finger.

Ms. Pulliam done bagged herself a former NFL player Ed Hartwell. My true sports fans out there may remember the name Hartwell from his time playing linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons back in the 2000’s. But for the majority of the women out there, we know Ed from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yes Mr. Hartwell is Lisa Wu’s ex husband and they have three children together.

Now no shade to Mr. Hartwell. I sincerely wish both he and Keshia relationship much love, success, and happiness, BUT I was a little disappointed that Keshia and ex boyfriend Big Tigger couldn’t work things out (they were cute together). However, I am not laying with either Tigger or Ed and the show must go on. It looks like Lil’ Rudy is happy. What a great way to start the new year. No wedding date reported yet, but much love, prayers, and respect to the newly engaged couple.

But wait thou, Keshia girl if Ed still keeps it tight, hunnie you did a GREAT job! No disrespect and I am not lusting after your fiancé but his body is pretty nice. I’m guessing his heart, spirit and, mind matches his physique.