Sage That was Cute, But Really?!

Initially when I clicked on The Shade’s Room article of  Sage The Gemini’s IG post to Ex girlfriend Jordin Sparks, I thought I had no clue who this guy was. Clearly I have a life because I didn’t even know Jordin bagged herself another  boo. Last I heard (or paid attention to) was her break up with Jason Derulo.  However, earlier today Sage took to his Instagram page to air his feelings out about his missed love Jordin Sparks.

As I’m reading the story, of course I HAD to figure out who this guy is. So what did I do?  I went on Sage’s IG page to do more research (this guy is a little cutie). After about 5 minutes, I learned that this Sage The Gemini, is the same guy that sung that Red Nose song.  Y’all know the “She Gona Shake It, Like A Red Nose, LIIIKKKE A RED NOSE”. Lo key, this was my song real quick. I’m more than sure I’ve  partaking in a few “Red Nose” dance battles with my homegirls (judge me I don’t care 😝). But back to his post.

Although I think his intention were coming from a sincere place, I couldn’t help to notice a few key words that may indicate Mr. Gemini really isn’t missing Jordin in the sense of true love.

  1. “You the only girl that can wake up out of a dead sleep and get me some water because I was coughing in my sleep the only girl that loves me the way you were supposed to.”  I’m pretty sure a lot of us women have gotten up in the middle of the night to get Bae some water bc his ass was keeping us up with all his coughing. But this act is never something any woman is SUPPOSED TO DO! These are acts of love.
  2. “But yea this shit is crazy I just wanna tell you I’m still being a good boy just incase you come to your senses”. Sir, it would have been nice if you were “being a good boy” when you were with Jordin. But what do you mean “Come to your senses” LMAO 😂😂😂, for the sake of romance, I pray that this is some type of inside joke the couple understands. If not sir, please take several seats!!! 
  3. “Please call me back I just want like a hug and a kiss or something. Sincerely Dominic Wynn Woods”. So Sage you don’t want to talk, you want a hug, a kiss, or something. So this is a physical thing for you. This guy keeps digging a deeper grave.

No shade to Sage The Gemini, and his new age attempt at getting his woman back. However, his post seemed to only focus on his selfishness in the relationship. Almost every reason he gives of why he wants Jordin back has to do with how she treated him. What she did to and for HIM. Not once did we see an apology or any accountability as to what Sage did wrong in the relationship. No he doesn’t owe the reader any of this, but if his actions were honestly to woo Jordin back into his life, he definitely went about it the wrong way.

In life, people take other’s for granted. In life people often miss people not actually for who the other person is, but instead what the person did for them. No doubt Sage misses Jordin, it is evident in his IG  post. However, I think Sage needs to evaluate himself, and make whatever changes he needs to make for a healthy Sage/relationship moving forward. His previous IG post clearly show that he wants love and has a good heart (extending an invite to all the single people to meet up and go bowling on Valentine’s Day). But he has some personal growth to do.

If Jordin decides to take him back, it is ultimately up to her. The choice is her’s and no one else’s. If she does, hopefully they can forgive each other and move forward,  I would hope she knows and understands her worth. I am not hating on Sage, as a matter of fact the post was kinda cute and romantic (in a new age social media world), but I understand what a healthy relationship is and looks like. And in my opinion, of the quick glimpse of information I’ve interpided via his post, this guy needs to continue to do his work, and grow as a man.

Update, since yesterday Sage has deleted both Tweet and IG post . View The Shade Room’s post here.

Here is some back drama of Sage and Jordin’s The Drama 


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