Come Through Cam With Your IDGAF Pants 🙌🏾

Initially as I witness Cam stepping off the plane in San Fran for Super Bowl 50 earlier today, I thought “WTF! WHY CAM?!” Initially as I sit down to write this blog I was prepared to go ALL THE WAY IN on Cam Newton’s choice of almost $900 zebra-print Versace pants. In my mind I thought, why would he do this. I began to list the reason this was in my opinion a bad move for Cam. One he is a 6’5 black man in America with perfect teeth 😁. Two, it seems as if the world (or at least the sports world) has a huge target on this man’s back. Three, why does he need to draw more attention to himself?!  But as I’m on the phone with my cuzzo, she puts so much in prospective for me.  Side note, gotta take a quick moment to thank God for family, friends and am amazing support system that honestly care. Will call me on my foolishness, and pray my strength through the storm. Ok back to Cam.

As my wise cousin so eloquently put it, “Cam has his head on straight. He knows who he is and is walking in his light”.  As I start to ponder her words, she continues. “Cam understands, ‘They are going to talk anyway, why not give them a reason'”. As I did my research on Cam, I noticed he has been the same guy since day one. I feel that he is now more comfortable in his own skin! Cam has been unapologetic about EVERYTHING CAM NEWTON this season. From his “blackness”, to his now legendary ‘Dab’ in-zone celebration sessions, to the birth of his new child, Cam has been himself. This includes his fashion style. I seriously respect a man with as much IDGAFness Cam displays earlier today! Check out some of Cam’s styles below. ✌🏾




Dear Lord those dimples/arms/smile 😍


Keshia Knight Pulliam Announces Engagement

Clearly I am not the only one who did a little happy dance for fellow Brick City native and Jersey Girl Keshia Knight Pulliam (Rudy Huxtable), upon her engagement announcement New Years Day. Ms. Pulliam took to her Instagram page to make the announcement, and has since been trending on all social media sites for the past few days. I, for one was happy for the former Cosby Show star, but completely shocked at who put the ring on her finger.

Ms. Pulliam done bagged herself a former NFL player Ed Hartwell. My true sports fans out there may remember the name Hartwell from his time playing linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons back in the 2000’s. But for the majority of the women out there, we know Ed from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yes Mr. Hartwell is Lisa Wu’s ex husband and they have three children together.

Now no shade to Mr. Hartwell. I sincerely wish both he and Keshia relationship much love, success, and happiness, BUT I was a little disappointed that Keshia and ex boyfriend Big Tigger couldn’t work things out (they were cute together). However, I am not laying with either Tigger or Ed and the show must go on. It looks like Lil’ Rudy is happy. What a great way to start the new year. No wedding date reported yet, but much love, prayers, and respect to the newly engaged couple.

But wait thou, Keshia girl if Ed still keeps it tight, hunnie you did a GREAT job! No disrespect and I am not lusting after your fiancé but his body is pretty nice. I’m guessing his heart, spirit and, mind matches his physique.